About Us

The strange story of the birth of our business began in February 2018. A married couple, two quite successful investors, decided to do what they dreamed of during their school years. What they postpone for many years and what they used to do only for themselves and loved ones.

We started to create designs and items that suddenly turned out to be interesting to someone else.

YXell is a small, family-owned business, which manages to sell its products all over the World.

We are constantly on the move. We live, create and manage a business being, most often, somewhere on the seaside in Europe. Our manufacturing facility is placed in Los Angeles, California.

We work on each design for a long time and care about serious attention to detail. Each of our designs is original. Obviously, the World has become too much of the usual and repetitive, isn't it? We always want to change that.

Now the YXell team is actively moving away from sales on large marketplaces.

To improve the quality of both materials and designs. And to become even more independent.

All our graphics are made in limited collections. Our eco-friendly t-shirts and tank-tops are waiting for customers who are concerned about the environment.

Many of our products are designed for fans of football, basketball, and baseball. They have sincere love for the glorious history of Sport and sports teams. You will see nostalgic notes in them, Vintage & Retro style.

Meet with Joy and with Us the Game Day of your favorite Team!